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Programming, Productivity, Fitness, and Science

Hi! I'm Kyle, welcome to my site! I'm a data engineer working in Boston, MA and I really like to write. I'm obsessed with building software, network science, neuroscience, heavy metal, fitness, and getting the most out of my brain.

I grew up in Massachusetts and Florida and am Greek🇬🇷-American 🇺🇸  You might find me writing about these topics along with computing, technology, fitness, and science.

I studied behavioral and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Florida 🐊 Then, I decided I didn't want to stay in academia and learned how to code while working on my Master's thesis. Since then I've worked as a developer at companies at every size, started two of my own, gotten married, and moved across the country during a major blizzard. I hope you join me on my journey to learn everything possible.

I’m always looking to meet other thinkers, let’s get in touch!

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